The Grand Charity

The Grand Charity was set up to respond quickly to urgent needs such as natural disasters. It helps individuals and many charities. In 2010 the Grand Charity donated £6.0m to Masonic and non Masonic causes including supporting Masons, their widows and other dependants who have fallen on hard times.


The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

The Masonic Order maintains 19 Old Peoples Homes, which look after some 2,000 old people. Some of the homes are specially equipped to care for those with mental or physical illnesses and are tailored to meet people’s needs.


The Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

The educational needs of over 1500 orphaned children or grandchildren of Freemasons are looked after by the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys. The trust has recently launched a major new initiative to provide educational equipment - especially computers - to the specialist hospices for children in England and Wales. It also supplies grants for students.

The Samaritan Fund

The Samaritan Fund

The Samaritan Fund supports the needy, sick and infirm Freemasons and their families, particularly where they cannot obtain treatment from the National Health Service without undue delay or hardship.

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Help For Heroes

Help the Heros

The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has donated £50,000 to Help For Heroes, to help fund the development of therapeutic gardens at four recovery centres for wounded, injured and sick Service personnel.

Residents will design and build the gardens, which will provide horticultural vocational training and therapeutic help as well as producing food for the centres.

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Jim's 2012 Christmas Cake-thon is now underway!

fruit cake slice 2 0

We are now taking orders for the Christmas cakes for 2012 (we have already over 120 maturing nicely) and, despite some raw material price increases (mainly with eggs), were are holding the price at £3.25 per pound weight. Cakes can be 2lb, 3lb or 4lb weight and loaf, round or square shaped but if other sizes are required please ask. Wheat/gluten free cakes are also available if required. We can also provide cakes throughout the year for special occasions, again just ask.

There is a change this year in that not only will we continue to support the Kirkheaton Parish Church Building for Mission Fund (reduced orders meant that we raised £750 last year against £950 in 2010) but we are also to support the Forget Me Not Trust in Huddersfield, the recently opened Children’s Hospice. This does put us into the unknown and we would suggest that orders be placed sooner rather than later JUST IN CASE we are swamped with orders. The Trust are to mention the cakes in their magazine etc so if  there is a good response we may have to stop taking further orders at some point. We hope that we can cope with whatever comes our way but we will have to decide in the light of orders placed if we feel that we have reached our production capacity.  

Our kitchen is always busy but even that and we have our limits!

Over £1 million for 25 national charities


The latest Major Grants from The Freemasons' Grand Charity have been approved, totalling £1,058,000. Giving to over twenty charities in areas of medical research, youth opportunities and support for vulnerable people.

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Summer Fete festivities at RMBI Home Connaught Court, York

Summer Fate

The Friends of Connaught Court, York, did everyone proud with over 30 stalls including pistol shooting, various bottle tombola stalls, plant and cake stalls. The staff of the new Knavesmire dementia support unit bravely put themselves forward for the stocks and a good soaking. One of the most memorable stalls was the human fruit machine which put a smile on everyone’s face. Despite the weather, a great time was had by all. (20th June)

Batley freemasons donate flat-screen TVs to Hollybank Trust

Flat screen donation

On hearing that during the recent fitting out of the new buildings the Trust were in need of three new state of the art TV’s for the new lounges the members of Scarborough Lodge 1214 Batley petitioned the Provincial Grand Master’s Fund for a grant to enable the Trust to provide these items. The request was successful and here we see the Lodge Charity Steward, David Glew and the current Worshipful Master, John Parkin with his wife Carole presenting a cheque for £1500 from the Provincial Grand Masters Fund to Nicky Doyle who received it on behalf of the Trust. 

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Charity isn’t all about cash!

Jim wooden spoon

For over three years now the team of head baker Judith Batty and able assistant and chief stirrer W Bro Jim Batty, PAPGM, have been baking Christmas cakes to sell for the Kirkheaton Parish Church Building Fund. This is a major project which needs in the region of £1.9m and as W Bro Jim says it will take a lot of cake baking to reach!

They baked 100 cakes in 2008, 150 in 2009 and 250 last year generating £400, £700 and £950 (cake size does matter) respectively towards the Building Fund. The cakes are sold mainly through the congregation, family and friends but the bulk of the support has been through generosity of their many Masonic friends. A conservative estimate is that in 2010 they used 560 eggs (one batch contained 14 double yolked eggs), 420 lbs of currants, raisins and sultanas, 280 ozs of ground almonds, 70 lbs of butter, 70 lbs of flour, 70 lbs of sugar plus various essences, all topped off with an immeasurable amount of brandy. The only kitchen rule is that the stirrer cleans out the bowl –what weight problem? 

The 2011 Cake-athon is already under way with three 21lb mixes already through the production system and in storage (any good Christmas cake is best matured) and they hope again to continue the year on year record increase in the number of cakes produced. As usual they will be baking a variety of shapes (round, loaf or square) and sizes, the normal range being from 2lbs to 4.5lbs but they do produce larger cakes for special occasions if requested. They now even include wheat/gluten free in their repertoire.

W Bro Jim is asked regularly if he is managing to fill his time since he retired as an APGM – what do you think?

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