The Mission

Making good men better

We are dedicated to making good men better and to developing our knowledge of ourselves as individuals and the world around us through education, discussion and social exchange.

We aim to make proper use of our time, dividing it between worship, work, leisure and service, thus making the best use of our mental and physical abilities.
We aim to use our talents for the benefit of ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our communities throughout our private, public business and professional life.
We declare our membership whenever any possible conflict of interest may arise or be perceived to arise
We promise not to use our membership to promote our own or anyone else’s private, public business or professional interests.

The Highest Moral and Social Standards
We aim to behave towards others as we would have them behave towards us
We aim to be constructive in our approach to life and uphold the importance of the welfare and independence of everyone.


We admit members from every ethnic group in the world providing that they have a belief in a Supreme Being.
We believe that all individuals are equal and dependant on each other. That they must be valued for their own merits regardless of factors such as race, national origin, religious creed, social status or wealth.
We respect the ideals and beliefs of others and endeavour to behave with kindness and understanding to all.
We cherish all life and the well being of all.

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We consider charity as being goodwill to all.
We care not only for Masons and their families, but also for the community as a whole.
We raise money for charitable purposes only from our own members, not from the general public.
We give as generously as our wealth will allow and through voluntary work in the community.

Not only do we donate to local charities and good causes but also to medical research and needs locally and on a National and International scale.

We strive for truth and believe that nothing can justify the telling of lies or being untrustworthy
We treat everyone in an open and honest manner.

Our Values
Our Values can be expressed as single words, which describe those attributes that Freemasons try to practice.

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